William Mayo Hindle

dec. 29, 1929 - april 7, 1987

Independent film maker of the 3rd Avant Garde.

Professor at the University of South Florida.


Film List

Pastorale d'Ete
9 minutes
Award: SF Int'l Film Festival
1957 / 1963
NON Catholicam
10 minutes
Has never been placed in competition.
1959 - 1966
An unlisted 150 short films done for CBS / Westinghouse.
29: 'Merci, Merci'
30 minutes
Awards: Kenyon and Kent State Festivals; Ann Arbor Film Festival
5 minutes
Chinese Firedrill
25 minutes
Awards: First Prize, Ann Arbor Film Fetival; First Prize, Barn Gallery, Maine; First Prize, SF Int'l Film Festival; First Prize, Foothill College Film Festival
32 minutes
Awards: First Prize, American Film Fetival, NY; Canadian National Film Festival, Montreal
Invitational tributes: Cannes Film Festival; Int'l Moscow Film Festival
9 minutes
St. Flournoy Lobos-Logos and the Eastern Fetus Taxing Japan Brides
in West Coast Places Sucking Alabama Air
12 minutes
Later That Same Night
10 minutes
22 minutes
9 minutes
- never completed 2nd (final) edit.
Photo from University of Colorado seminar flier
Photographer Unknown
Will Hindle's Films are available through:


Shellie Fleming's filmic tribute
to Will Hindle,
Left-Handed Memories
available through:


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Canyon Cinema showing of Will Hindle's works, hosted by Bruce Baillie, Nov. 2005:
Part One
Part Two
Will Hindle's comments about
given during Dr. O'Grady's
Buffalo Conference on Autobiography in the Independent American Cinema,
March 1973
Musical score from Pastuer3:
Florida Landscapes
Courtesy of the composer, Hilton Kean Jones


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The William Mayo Hindle Biographical Project

A progress note from Mark Toscano:


Youngblood, Gene. Expanded Cinema. E. P. Dutton & Co., New York 1970
Pages 93-96
ISBN: 0-525-47263-0 Dutton Paperback
ISBN: 0-525-10152-7 cloth
U.S. Library of Congress Card Catalog No.: 71-87207
Also published simultaneously in Canada by Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited, Toronto and Vancouver


"Hindle's films are closer to painting than movies" by Garland Reeves
The Birmingham News, Arts & Leisure, Sunday November 13, 1988
"Emblems of transcendance: The Films of Will Hindle" by Linda Dubler
Art Papers Vol. 5, No. 5 September / October 1981
"Will Hindle Letter" offered by Bob Orr
Cantrill Filmnotes Nos 35, 36 Double Issue April 1981 page 35
"Two Films by Will Hindle" by Richard Corliss
Film Quarterly Volume 22 Spring 1969 pages 47-50



In Honor of Will Hindle (William Mayo Hindle)

Pioneer in the realm of filmmaking, his innovations are now used by filmers and media throughout the world. It is doubtful that anyone can watch Will's film-art and remain unmoved, whether by the display of technical skill or by the sheer beauty and poignancy captured in the images. He insisted on perfection in his films, careful of every detail. He always created from his heart. As a professor, he tried to inspire the same in his students and those around him.

Thank you, Will.


A Matter of Thanks
For years of personally safeguarding Will Hindle's original rolls against the elements, the predators,
and potential destruction at the hands of the misguided well-meaning.
She accepted this daunting duty by her own choice and stayed true.
Also...for being such a light for Will during his dark times.
Only with the greatest of respects, purest of amity, I thank
Shellie Fleming
I and all those who hold Will Hindle's films dear,
and those that may yet discover their beauty in the future,
are forever in debt to you....
The skilled and caring hands into which Shellie delivered Will's originals;
the man who cares enough about the Avant Garde to find the way to save irreplaceable film artworks:
Mark Toscano
I count your efforts as nothing short of heroic.
For having faithfully maintained and repaired circulating copies of Will Hindle's films,
year after year,
so that the public can glimpse Will's unique vision,
the most heartfelt gratitude is extended to
Dominic Angerame
You are the filmmaker's true friend.
...Without these good people, so much would be lost....
There are so many others...
...whether students, filmmakers, teachers, archivists, preservationists, writers, advocates
or simply those who have known him or enjoyed his works...
...thank you all for your part in keeping Will Hindle and his works
in the hearts and minds of the world.

Burbank High School 1947
Thanks to Tom MacIntosh
and Claudel Taylor
Room 280
Universtity of South Florida 1985
Photo: Diana Lee Whatley


If one of the photos on this site was taken by you or someone you know, please inform me so I may seek proper permission and give credit where due. If you know of other photos of Mr. Hindle, I would be eager to pay for reproductions for my personal collection and, if allowed, add them to this page. Photography credits not listed directly with photos on this website are listed at the bottom of this page.
I welcome any comments you have to offer concerning Will Hindle, his works, or this site.
I would like to add a Testimonial page. If you knew Will and would care to post a statement, please let me know.
And if you were a student of Will's, please tell me what you're doing now!
Thank you,
Diana Lee Whatley
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A whisper to heaven...Will, the answer was always, "Yes!"